My greatest passion as a photographer is capturing the individual and inspiring essence that shines from within. 

I grew up in small communities, in remote areas of the Ukraine and Russia. Both Kolki village in the Ukraine and also Iturup Island are special places, raw and unique. Kolki is a small village with a rich cultural and historical element, whilst the island of Iturup is stunningly beautiful for its wild and live volcanic landscape, steaming hot waterfalls, cold seas and extreme weather. As a young and aspiring photographer, without anyone to follow or learn from, I would shoot what interested me most, the wilderness and the local people.

Today I am still the same little girl with her camera obsessed with people, culture, nature and the diversity in this world. There is so much to see and experience, learn, and appreciate. Making new connections with people is incredibly inspiring. I want to know their passions, recognise their natural gifts, and reveal the light that shines from the deepest part of their being. Nothing makes me happier than discovering someone’s true ‘magic’ and capturing that through the lens.  

It is essential that before the camera is even included in the session, the person in front of it is comfortable and relaxed. The experience is focused on two friends hanging out, catching up, and having a laugh is how I like to work and the essence of my style. The reward for achieving this level of comfort and making such an energetic connection is a beautiful collection of photos, capturing the best of an individual in their natural and comfortable state.

Love xx